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Diamonds - of course they are a girl's best friend, but choosing the right diamond needs some careful consideration, and it starts with the 5 C's. 

Oro Diamond and Gold offers a range of stunning loose diamonds and stunning handcrafted diamond set dress rings.


This is what determines the brilliance of your diamond.  If the is cut too shallow the light will be lost though the bottom, if it's cut too deep the light will be lost through the sides.  The ideal cut is where the light ricochets through the various plains of the diamond in a brilliant sparkle.

Diamonds are certified as: Ideal Cut; Very Good Cut; Good Cut; Fair Cut; and Poor Cut

Oro Diamond and Gold is committed to quality and diamonds with a minium rating of ‘Good Cut'.  However, each stone has its own special qualities so the ‘make' of the diamond will also be considered.


When it comes to diamonds, it is the lack of colour which determines quality.  Colourless or nearly colourless denotes the best possible diamond.  The coloured tint in diamonds is cased by minute impurities.  To the untrained eye these impurities are barely noticeable but they can determine the value of the diamond by many thousands of dollars.

Diamonds are certified as follows:

DEF - colourless

GHI - near colourless

JKLM - faint yellow

NOPQR - very light yellow

STUVWXYZ - light yellow

Nearly all of Oro Diamond and Gold's stunning ring designs are rated DEF (colourless) or GHI (near colourless). 


stack03.jpg You've heard the term flawless diamond, these are the diamonds which are the absolutely clear and of course they are the most sought-after and as you'd expect the most expensive. 

Most diamonds have what are known as ‘inclusions', and these are trace minerals and other impediments, often so minor that they are impossible to see with the naked eye.  The GIA (Gemmologists Institute of America) uses a complex system to certify diamonds in terms of their clarity and they are certified as:

Flawless, Internally Flawless (FL, IF) - rare diamonds

Very, very slightly included. (VVS1,VVS2) - Excellent quality

Very slightly included (VS1, VS2) - Good quality but less expensive

Slightly included (Sl1, Sl2) - Good value diamond

Included. (I1, I2, I3) - Entry level diamond

Oro Diamonds and Gold prefers diamonds with clarity certification of VS1 and VS2, but will also consider Sl1, SI2.   When the cut and make of the diamond is of a very high quality, Oro may also I1 rating which represents outstanding value.


At Oro Diamonds and Gold we pride ourselves as being the one carat diamonds specialists. Carat weight is the method by which diamonds are sized. One carat equals 100 "points", so the weight of a diamond of 25 points is 0.25 carats or 1/4 carat.

Large diamonds are found far less frequently than smaller stones, therefore a 2 carat diamond will always be worth much more in value than two 1 carat diamonds of similar quality. 


This is your guarantee of quality.  Certification by a registered valuer provides you with a fully evaluated report of your diamond and it includes a full description of the diamonds dimensions, clarity, colour, polish, symmetry and other characteristics.  

All Oro Diamonds of 1 carat or more are certified by a registered diamond grading laboratory.  All diamond purchases are issued with an insurance valuation.


There's an Oro Diamond shape to suit every personality and style. 












When jewellers talk of gold they refer to it in terms of carats, which is the universal measurement for both precious stones and gold.  Most gold jewellery is rated as 9ct, 18ct and 24ct.

Pure gold is defined at 24ct - the higher the carat the better the quality. 

In its purest form, gold is too soft to be worn as jewellery so other metals are added to make it more durable and in doing so these metals influence the colour of the gold. 

White gold is achieved when palladium is added, while copper will create what we know as Rose gold. 

Metallurgists create exquisite gold recipes which are a delicate mix of metals that deliver the stunning range of gold colours and outstanding quality. 

Oro Diamonds and Gold rings stock exquisite examples including stunning Dora Wedding Bands for men, gold rings, gold chains, gold pendants, gold bracelets and gold earrings.


Pearls are nature's gift - exquisite and transcending all ages and every era.  Pearls are always the perfect gift and did you know, pearls are the birthstone for June?

Essentially there are two types of pearls - saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls. 

Saltwater pearls are grown in oysters in the ocean.  Among the most famous and best quality salt water pearls are South Sea, Akoya and Tahitian pearls.

Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater mussels in fresh waterways - rivers, lakes and ponds.

Today, most pearls are ‘cultured'.  That is, rather than wait for an irritant to naturally make its way into a shell fish, it is implanted and this stimulates the oyster or mussel's natural soothing process.  Coating the irritant with nacre to form a glorious lustrous pearl.

Pearls are available in eight basic shapes ranging from the Classic, which is almost perfectly round to the Baroque which is exquisitely irregular. 

Pearls also vary in colour: White, Pink/White, Silver, Gold and Black.

Oro Diamonds and Gold carefully select the finest quality pearls to create stunning pendants, bracelets, earrings and beautiful handcrafted dress rings

Coloured Stones

There's a precious coloured stone for each and every month of the year. 


Gorgeous rings, earrings and neckpieces.  Which is your special month? See the list below to find out your special month, then click to find your favourite setting in that particular coloured stone. 

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine

April - Diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl

July - Ruby

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire

October - Opal or Tourmaline

November - Citrine

December - Turquoise